Farming Bonds is now part of Alpha Surety Bonds.

We acquired as we wanted to bring their expertise in house to our surety bond business. We do bonds across a ton of industries and realized that we needed more expertise for rural areas. So we searched around and found hickoryridgefarms and made them part of our family.




Welcome to Hickory Ridge Farms

Hickory Ridge Farms were located in lovely East Central Illinois. Here at Hickory Ridge we enjoy raising two varieties of miniature cattle for the hobby farm enthusiast.

We realize that some folks are wanting to raise their own beef, and some desire to produce their own milk and dairy products. Therefore we are dedicated to the development of the highest quality miniature milking and beef breeds.

White Parks are our ideal beef breed. Our preferred milking breed is the Jersey.

At Hickory Ridge we strive for excellence so that we may provide purebred cattle that give lasting value to our customers.

Hickory Ridge Farms

The finest miniature cattle for the hobby farms enthusiast.


Our Breeds

Miniature Jerseys

In our journey to find the perfect family milk cow, we found everything that we could possibly want in our Miniature Jerseys.

Since Jerseys are known for having the highest butterfat content among the dairy breeds, their milk is ideal for various uses. From making your own butter, cheese, and ice cream to just simply enjoying a glass of wholesome goodness with family and friends, the Miniature Jersey will not disappoint.

Miniature White Parks

After raising a variety of beef cattle, we have been most impressed with the Miniature White Park.

Our herd of White Parks are consistently thickset, hardy and attractive to behold. Their smaller frame is ideal for the hobby farmer with limited pasture.

The finest miniature cattle for the hobby farms enthusiast.

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