bad credit surety bond

How to get a surety bond even if you have bad credit

Getting Permit & License Bonds with Less Than Stellar Credit.

You can get approved for most permit and license bonds even though you have credit problems. You can apply online and let us tell you exactly what your costs will be and whether or not you can qualify for a bond. Simply go here: contract, license and permit surety bonds page.

For contract bonds, it all depends on what type of bond you are in need of and how bad exactly is your credit history. Bonds are an insurance product and it’s all about assuming risk for the underwriters. Having good financials documentation for your company goes a long way in proving you at least know how to keep records. CPA certified financials will help even more. For small contractors with extreme credit issues (or if you’ve been turned down before), your best course of action is to apply with the Small Business Administration. Just be aware that you can be limited to smaller bond contracts.

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