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Definition of Oregon Disseminator Contract Bond ($25,000)

Explanation of a Disseminator Contract Bond

A disseminator contract bond is essentially a type of surety bond used in the field of lottery game distribution. It’s aimed to guarantee that lottery ticket disseminators operate in compliance with state laws and regulations while safeguarding public interests.

Specifics about the $25,000 bond in Oregon

In Oregon, this specific surety bond amount – $25,000 – has been stipulated by the Lottery Commission for businesses involved in providing or distributing information regarding lottery results.

Purpose of the Oregon Disseminator Contract Bond

Role of the Bond Protecting Public Interest

The key role played by an Oregon disseminator contract bond is to protect the public interest against fraudulent practices within the dissemination process related to lotteries.

Ensuring Compliance with State Laws and Regulations

This type of contractual obligation also serves as a way to ensure compliance with existing state laws and regulations governing this particular sector.

Who Needs an Oregon Disseminator Contract Bond?

Identification Of Businesses Or Individuals Required To Have This Bond:

Businesses or individuals who are engaged in either transmitting or delivering any kind of information concerning lottery games must have this contract bound.

Explanation Of The Circumstances That Necessitate This Bond:

When such entities engage themselves in business activities involving provision/distribution/making available data on lotteries’ results for use by others, this mandatory requirement comes into play.

Process Of Obtaining The 
Bond In Oregon

Detailed Steps To Apply For The Bond:

1. Contact any authorized bonding company/agent
2. Fill out their given application form
3. Submit necessary documents/details

Required Documents And Information For The Application:

Applicant’s full legal name, business entity details, physical address, and financial information are some of the essential documents/information required during application.

Expected Timeline For Approval:

Typically, the approval process takes about one week but it may vary depending upon several factors.

Cost Of The Oregon Disseminator Contract Bond

Breakdown Of The $25,000 Bond Cost:

The actual cost of obtaining this bond (known as a premium) generally ranges between 1% to 15% of the total bond amount ($250 – $3750 for a $25,000 bond).

Factors That Influence The Cost:

An applicant’s credit score and financial stability greatly influence the cost.

Potential Additional Fees Or Costs

Underwriting fees, shipping costs, and financing fees are some examples of potential additional costs.

Consequences Of Not Having This Bond

Legal Implications For Not Having This Bond:

Failure to secure a required disseminator contract bond can lead to severe legal consequences including penalties or revocation of license.

How To Maintain Compliance With The Bond:

Regular Requirements For Maintaining The Bond:

Compliance with state laws/rules is paramount along with maintaining good business practices.

Renewal Process And Timeline:

Generally renewed annually, it might require fresh underwriting in certain scenarios.


What is a disseminator contract bond?
It’s a type of surety bond that guarantees the proper operation of lottery ticket disseminators in line with state laws and regulations while protecting public interests.

How much does it cost to obtain this bond in Oregon?
The premium generally ranges between 1% to 15% of the total $25,000 bond amount which equates to $250 – $3750 but may vary based on several factors like credit score.

What are the consequences of not having this mandatory requirement fulfilled?
Legal implications including fines/penalties or license revocation can occur for failing to secure this required bond.


The Oregon Disseminator Contract Bond is a vital requirement for businesses involved in the lottery dissemination sector, ensuring they operate within the bounds of state law and protect public interests. With a $25,000 bond amount, it serves as a safeguard against fraudulent practices, promoting transparency and integrity. Obtaining this bond involves a straightforward process, with costs influenced by the applicant’s financial health. Failing to secure this bond can lead to significant legal repercussions, emphasizing the importance of compliance and the role of the bond in maintaining a fair and trustworthy lottery information dissemination system.

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