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Definition of Oregon – Home Services Contractor ($10,000) Bond

Explanation of a bond

A bond is a type of insurance that serves as financial protection for consumers against fraudulent or unethical practices by professionals in certain industries. The party purchasing the bond (the principal) pays a premium to an insurance company (the surety), which agrees to compensate any third party (the obligee) for financial losses resulting from the principal’s breach of professional duties.

Specifics of the Oregon Home Services Contractor Bond

The Oregon Home Services Contractor ($10,000) Bond is required by home service contractors operating in Oregon who have contracts exceeding $1,000 or involve structural changes to residential properties. This legal requirement aims at ensuring that contractors comply with all state laws and regulations relevant to their profession.

Purpose of the bond

This specific type of contractor’s license bond protects homeowners if they suffer damages due to improper work or other violations committed by the contractor. It provides compensation of up to $10,000 per claim filed against it.

Who Needs an Oregon – Home Service Contractors ($10,000) Bond?

Types Of Contractors Who Need The Bond

Any contractor in Oregon providing services like remodeling, repair, improvement, or construction on residential structures needs this bond if their contract amounts exceed $1000 or if they make structural changes in homes.

Requirements For Obtaining The Bond

Contractors must hold valid licenses issued by the Construction Contractors Board(CCB). They need a good credit history as bonding companies often consider credit scores while issuing bonds.

How To Obtain An Oregon – Home Service Contractors ($10 00) Bond?

To obtain this particular surety you will need:

  • Completed application form
  • Proof showing your business registration
  • Valid CCB license number
  • Payment for premium

Once these are submitted your application will be reviewed and upon approval, the bond will be issued.

Cost of the Oregon – Home Services Contractor ($10,000) Bond

Factors Influencing The Cost Of The Bond

The premium cost depends on your credit score and financial health. Contractors with high scores usually pay 1-3% of the total bond amount as a premium.

Average Cost of The Bond

On average, a contractor can expect to pay $100-$300 for this bond if they have a good credit history.

Payment Options For The Bond

Payment can typically be made via cash, checks, or major credit cards depending upon the bonding company’s policies.

Benefits Of An Oregon – Home Service Contractors ($10 00)Bond?

Having this surety helps contractors in the following ways:

  • It protects homeowners against potential damages due to improper work
  • Enhances credibility among customers
  • Ensures compliance with state laws & regulations

Consequences Of Not Having An Oregon –Home Service Contractors($ 10,000)Bond?

Operating without such a bond may lead to:

  • Legal consequences include fines or revocation of contractor license
  • Financial liabilities resulting from damages that need compensation
  • Negative impact on business reputation

How To Maintain an Oregon – Home Service Contractor ($10,000) Bond?

Maintaining good standing with your surety involves renewal before expiry and avoiding claims against it by complying fully with contract obligations. In case you wish cancellation you should contact your surety agency who can guide you further according to their terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Oregon – Home Services Contractor ($10,000) Bond

Here are some common questions about this specific type of Surety:

How long does it take to get an Oregon Home Services Contractor ($10,000) Bond?

Typically, the process takes anywhere between a few hours to a couple of days after submission of all necessary documentation.

Does the bond cover damages for non-completion of work?

Yes. If a contractor fails to complete the job as per terms and conditions stipulated in contract, customer can file claim against bond.


The Oregon Home Services Contractor ($10,000) Bond is a crucial requirement for contractors in Oregon, offering protection and peace of mind to both homeowners and contractors alike. It not only safeguards homeowners from potential damages and ensures contractor compliance with state laws but also boosts the contractor’s credibility and trustworthiness in the market. By securing this bond, contractors demonstrate their commitment to ethical business practices and quality workmanship, establishing a stronger, more reliable presence in the home services industry. Maintaining this bond is essential for ongoing business success and legal compliance.

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