Why Veterans Request Surety Bond?

Why do veterans request a surety bond? 

Veterans are often faced with a plethora of difficult decisions after returning from deployment. One decision that may be overlooked is whether or not to request a bond before moving back into the community.  

Surety bonds provide a way for veterans to protecting themselves and their assets by securing an agreement between them and another party, usually in the form of money, property, or other security provided as collateral.  

Veterans can use surety bonds to release any necessary funds while awaiting employment and avoid having their wages garnished because they were unable to pay child support, taxes, student loans, or other debts accrued during their service.  

What is a VA surety bond? 

A surety bond is a contract between an individual or company and the state in which they live. It’s typically used for professions such as construction, financial services, insurance, real estate, and many other industries.  

A VA surety bond is designed to protect both parties involved in the transaction by guaranteeing that certain terms of the agreement are fulfilled. The contractor agrees to do their work according to specifications outlined in the contract and guarantees it with a surety bond if anything goes wrong. This prevents liability for damages from being passed on to taxpayers who may not be aware that any compensation will come out of their pockets down the road. 

This is an important type of insurance because it protects veterans who are unable to complete their mortgage obligations due to death, disability, or other reasons. It also provides protection for lenders and investors who may need assistance in collecting delinquent payments. 

How do I get a surety bond that is required by the Veterans Affairs (VA) Administration? 

A VA surety bond is an insurance policy that guarantees your performance of the contract. In order to get this type of coverage, you will need to provide documentation from the VA showing that they require it before getting your bond.  

The VA requires that all veterans purchase this bond in order to be eligible for benefits. You must fill out an application and provide information on yourself such as name, address, social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number, or state ID card number.  

In addition to these basic pieces of information, you will also need to provide at least two references with their names and contact numbers along with any other supporting documentation needed by the VA, like proof of income or credit history. 

How much does a VA surety bond cost? 

As a business owner, you need to make sure that your employees and contractors are financially responsible. You can do this by getting them bonded. VA surety bonds are popular because they’re easy to get and affordable.  

The cost of a VA surety bond varies depending on the type of bond and your location. For example, if you are in Massachusetts and need to purchase a $10,000 VA surety bond, then it will cost $150 for the premium fee. If you live in Maryland, where the average premium is only $97, then you could save yourself some money by purchasing your VA Surety Bond there. 

Can I get a VA bond with bad credit? 

Most people that have been in the military for a while know that it is possible to get a VA loan with bad credit. But did you know about VA surety bonds? These bonds are not just for veterans but also allow those with bad credit to receive one.  

The benefits of this type of bond include having no monthly payments and being able to secure your place as an employee at a company or organization. It’s not about your current credit score but rather the likelihood that you will be able to pay off the obligation of the bond in case you fail to do so.  

What are the requirements needed when getting a VA surety bond? 

A VA surety bond is an important document that offers financial security to the veteran. This is because a surety bond guarantees that the VA will be repaid for any claim they may have against you if your company shuts down and doesn’t pay its bills. However, it can also be difficult to get the right one as there are specific requirements needed in order to obtain a VA surety bond.  

The requirements needed to obtain a VA surety bond are as follows:  

  • Obtain an application form from the government website or a private-sector provider and submit it with the appropriate paperwork.  
  • Submit $10,000 in cash or bonds.  
  • Pay a filing fee of $500-$1,000, depending on the size of your company’s contract with VA. 

How can I avoid claims against my bond? 

Surety bonds are a form of insurance that protects against the risk of default on a performance to be made by the principal. This is achieved through an agreement between the surety and principal, where the former agrees to provide financial security for a third party if the latter defaults on their obligations. In order to avoid claims against your surety bond, you should ensure that you maintain your assets within limits as agreed upon with your surety company. 


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